We’ve been dealing with HTR for 11 years.

The product range has always been very comprehensive and delivery schedules are reliable.

The sales reps are helpful and courteous.

Westlake Tyres are a quality product and we get a lot of good feedback from our customers. We sell a variety of brands and Westlake Tyres are among the most reliable having the least warranty issues.

Jerry Monschau
Managing Director
Road Runner Tyre Service

We’d like to give credit to HTR for supplying the WESTLAKE product which we have found to be great value for money and good quality for its pricing.

The products are good performers and have been tried and tested in North Queensland terrain. We recommend the light truck and truck range. Our customers keep coming back for more. 

Our rep, Jasen Galbraith and his team are always available to help with their advice and expertise.

Keep up the good work.

Mick La Bozzetta
Central Tyre Service

To the people of Westlake Tyres,

Hi my name is Michael Gonzalves and I wanted to write you this letter to say thank you. I’m a big fan of Westlake, I’ve owned many different cars over the years but have only ever relied on one tyre.

I don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety and consider tyres to be the most important part of any vehicle, whatever tyres are on the cars I buy are soon replaced with Westlake tyres and I wouldn’t settle for anything else.

My son Phillip recently got his drivers license and although I don’t agree on his choice of car I’m glad he agreed on Westlake tread when selecting a new set.

Thanks to the Westlake team for always producing the goods, I’ve never been disappointed, I’ll continue to drive with Westlake tyres and arriving at my destinations safely.

Yours Sincerely,
Michael Gonzalves

Favero Motors (our business) has been purchasing Westlake Tyres from HTR Distribution Pty Ltd for approx 11 years. We have had positive customer feed back with the Westlake Tyres. 

Our business is extremely satisfied with the products and services provided by HTR.

Our Area Rep – Neil Jenkins visits our business on a monthly basis and we are very happy with his service.

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