Improved tread compound and tyre casing provide superb balance between cost and performance. 

Strong casing structure offers multiple retreads and lower total cost.

Computer aided casing design helps improve footprint for better mileage performance.


Large block design helps enhance handling and traction on all season highway conditions.

Improved casing structure provides remarkable footprint which guarantees longer tread life.

This tyre delivers outstanding traction, long even wear and advanced casing design to ensure durability.


Super value tyre for long haul application


Special designed tyre casing for better mileage and more value for customers.

Straight simple rib pattern improves even wearing and efficient water evacuation for excellent wet traction and handling.


Four wide continuous rib design help resist tread squirm and heel-and-tow wear for exceptionally long tread life.

Advanced compound promotes mileage before removal for long tyre life.

Traction block tread design for high drive wheel efficiency in all seasons.


Robust tread blocks and rugged casing allows for heavy loads and resist casing penetration and damage.

Aggressive lug design with large blocks at tread center provides excellent traction and braking on rough roads with mud or gravel and is self-cleaning for ease of maintenance.

Aggressive and optimum self-cleaning tread with lateral grooves provides remarkable performance in all weather conditions bot hon and off the roads.

Rugged tread blocks and tread design offer outstanding off-road traction.

Durable tyre carcass and improved tread compound help to resist chipping and chunking for longer tyre life.